Past Events Audio

/Past Events Audio

Bergville Overnight Youth Programme

Topic Speaker  Duration Size Download
Introduction Ml. M. Ilyas Desai 13:31 2.3 MB Download
Company Ml. M. Ilyas Desai 26:12 4.6 MB Download
Say No to GPS & Go to War Ml. Imtiaz Kathrada 37:56 6.5 MB Download
Company Ml. M. Ilyas Desai 35:01 6.0 MB Download
Q&A Ml. M. Ilyas Desai 01:07:37 11.5 MB Download
Advices Ml. Imtiaz Kathrada 16:47 2.9 MB Download
Zikr & Du’aa Ml. M. Ilyas Desai 43:31 7.5 MB Download


August 1st, 2019|Past Events Audio|

Tests – Trials – Exams

Topic Speaker  Duration Size Download
 Introduction Ml. Ahmad Paruk 03:36  636 KB Download
Practical Exam Tips Teacher Ebrahim Cotwal  26:52 4.6 MB Download
Spiritual Preparation Ml. Ilyas Desai 22:44 3.9 MB Download
 3 Simple Questions Ml. Imtiaz Kathrada  03:11 562 KB  Download
Intro to Ibnu Abbaas Website Ml. Ahmad Paruk  10:22 1.8 MB Download
 Exams of the Aakhirat Ml. Imtiaz Kathrada 12:35 2.2 MB Download
Du’aa Ml. Zaakir Jadwat 02:44  481 KB  Download
November 13th, 2017|Past Events Audio|