I heard that travelling by this new yacht is amazing. Each day goes by slowly and it feels like a year. Alas! My dream has come true. I’ve won a ticket onboard this famous yacht “YOUNG LIFE”. I’m sooo excited. I can’t believe my eyes. We set sail early and 1000’s wave at the port to say farewell. It’s amazing how they drool and wish they could sail along. I’m touched and my adrenalin is pumping.

“YOUNG LIFE” is a wonder. I’m going places to explore and be free like a bird. The first 10 to 15 days or should I say years go by well, “smooth sailing” as they say. The next 5 “year days” have ups and downs.

The peaceful waters are now choppy. A hurricane is brewing. The warning sirens are sounding … Red alert lights flash … Life jackets are handed out. Important and valuable advices are being given on safety and security …

Akh! What do I care? What can happen to me and to “YOUNG LIFE”? It’s built to last. It’s unsinkable.

Folks look worried but I’m not. Now is the time for that awesome swim in the sparkling pool. Now is the time to down that chocolate smoothie. I’ll dance away whilst others run “pell-mell” for safety. Lekker chows await me including the “two legged seafood”.

BHAM! BANG! What’s that? We hit a … rrrock. Shucks, “Young Life” is sinking. We drowning! hhhhHelp me! Pleeez help! Somebody … anybody …
Oh no! I’m over-board. I’m gonna die for sure. Days, nay years pass. Others have been saved, nobody saw me. I’m doomed. It’s over … the sharks, the icy waters … I’m “kaput”… Oh I’m so alone!

Why? Why? Oh y … y was I such a fool. I should have been wise …

wwwWats dat??? … A rescue ship. Am I dreaming? No, I’m not … it’s real… it’s a ship …

It’s one of the rescue ships. It’s called “IBNU ABBAAS YOUTH ACADEMY”

My prayers, du‘aas, cries and sobs have been heard. Shukar. Now I’m warm and dry, my hunger gone and thirst quenched. I’m no more lonely. People onboard care for me. They are guiding me home in style.

Ahlan Wasahlan to www.ibnuabbaas.co.za

Ibnu Abbaas Youth Academy is run by a panel of ‘Ulama under the auspices of Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen, Isipingo Beach, Durban, South Africa.
This website has been initiated specifically to assist our youth to LIVE THE LEGACY of Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbaas (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma) and the other illustrious Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) and pious predecessors.

The intensity of the fitnas raining upon the Ummah and the ever increasing challenges facing the youth in particular, have made life almost like a mine field for many people. It is very difficult in this modern age to walk on the “True Path” without assistance and guidance. Thus this website aims to help our youth to safely negotiate the mine field of fitnas and challenges, and safely reach their destination . . . the everlasting abode of Jannah.

This is Your Forum

While some short articles, inspirational stories and suitable audio clips will be posted occasionally, the main focus of this website is to provide what you need.

Are you battling to become punctual on salaah? Is there a void in your life and you are trying to acquire the love of Allah Ta‘ala? Do you have a problem with anger management? Is there an illicit relationship you are trying to give up? Do you need help to overcome substance abuse? Are you trying to be a better son or brother? Do you simply need advice on some small matter that is bothering you?

Insha-Allah, a panel of Ulama will endeavour to provide answers and solutions to your problems in the light of the Quraan and sunnah.

Our aim is to try our best to provide two things for our youth – HOPE and HELP.

May Allah Ta‘ala guide us all to the straight path, accept this humble and feeble effort and infuse it with blessings, aameen.