Being ill – Treated

Question: I have a problem. I try my best to be good to other people, but they treat me badly. I can’t understand why it is happening. This is affecting me terribly. What must I do?

Answer: Continue displaying good conduct to those who ill-treat you in this way. When you meet […]

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Please help me with this.

These shia guys have opened the door of temporary marriage. I think they call it Muta. My friends are very excited as they feel this will make life easier and more exciting since they don’t have to be stuck with one woman for life and […]

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Scared to get Married



Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

I’m currently 27 years old and not married. Recently I’m going through a difficult time. I have lost my enthusiasm for life. I would relate some activities of my life that has led to my current situation.

One of my weaknesses is that […]

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Watching and Following Soccer


Is it permissible to watch soccer on television? I love the English Premier League.


A question came to an ‘Aalim in England from a woman whose husband had passed away. Her question was: “Did my husband pass away on imaan?”

This is obviously something that is […]

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Committed the Sin Again


As salaamu alaikum

Respected Mufti Saab

About one and half years ago I committed a major, major, major sin. I did make sincere tauba (salaatul tauba & lots of du‘aa) repenting and promising never to repeat. This put me into depression for a while. I was truly sorry.

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